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In the world of business, there is no room for error. We know that that the profitability of your business depends greatly on our ability to provide you with accurate bookkeeping. Our accountants will help you run your business efficiently by providing you with well-organized financial records.


With tax and insurance laws constantly changing, you need a Certified Bookkeeping Firm that can successfully guide you to informed decisions regarding the current economic state. Taylor's Destiny Bookkeeping is committed to keeping up with all the latest changes to ensure you both comply and prosper under the law.


No matter how complex your financial situation, we will be there when you need us to provide you with professional and objective financial advice. At Taylor's Destiny Bookkeeping, we employ all of our expertise to ensure the growth and longevity of your wealth.

Despite the Odds, I Succeeded

It has been a long hard Road to get to where I am at today. It started in 1994 when I became epileptic. As time progressed, I noticed I was not the same as I once was. I could not hold a job because my employers would tell me I am too slow. I tried again and I failed. I could not understand it.

I was tired of being fired repeatedly because I was not fast enough for my employers. The Last two employers treated my fellow employees and I very unfairly, so I decided I was done working for someone else. Something had to change.

In 2015, I opened Taylor’s Destiny Bookkeeping using a large tax return. I managed to start up using only about $2,000 or so. My computer skills allowed me to create my own marketing materials and business forms. I felt like this was the change I had been looking for. There were still unanswered questions.

I went to Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), and they sent me to a psychologist to see how they can best help me. After some testing, he diagnosed me with Mild Neurocognitive Disorder, a side effect of being epileptic. The psychologist said that even though I am slow, I am incredibly accurate. Finally, I had an answer.

This proves I am in the right field and owning my own business is a good choice because I can do things my way. I may work slower, but I would rather work slower and do a good job, instead of picking up the pace and making mistakes. Thanks to VR and the good Lord, I have a small thriving business. I have managed to stay open all these years, even through the COVID shut-down.

I have an Associates in Business Management, Bachelor’s in Accounting, and I am a Certified Bookkeeper. I am one of the lucky people who gets to do what I love, working with numbers and helping others. I was determined to make something of myself and I did it.

Jamie Lubbes, CB

Owner of Taylor’s Destiny Bookkeeping serving local small businesses

About Taylor's Destiny Bookkeeping

How much money will I need to save for my child’s education? When should I refinance my mortgage? How do I plan for retirement? Should I invest in my 401(K)? Can I rely on Social Security? As Happy Valley accounting professionals, these are some of the common concerns that are posed to us on a daily basis. At Taylor's Destiny Bookkeeping, we know that planning for the financial future can be confusing and overwhelming. Our mission is to provide you with the information you need to help you make informed decisions about your financial situation. We use the most up-to-date financial calculators and computer technology to ensure that we are providing you with accurate financial advice in a timely and efficient manner. However, we do not see these tools as a substitute for professional financial advice. No matter what your financial situation may be, we provide our Happy Valley clients with the personal attention they need and deserve.

Company History

Throughout the years, computerized accounting software may have changed the way we conduct business, but there are a few things that have always remained the same. We strive to guide our clients through complex financial entanglements in a straightforward and non-intimidating manner. If you have recently started a business and are in need of our bookkeeping or financial forecasting services, we deliver solutions based on your specific situation. Not only does our comprehensive approach allow us to provide our clients with constructive financial solutions, it also gives us the opportunity to create life-long relationships.

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